Vintage Windmill Tea Towel Set

Collaboration with Dixie of Dankworth Dry Goods to create a vintage windmill tea towel and soap gift set. The cotton tea towel is hand printed with a drawing of a vintage windmill. The soap design is inspired by a photo I took at sunset of the windmill outside my soap workshop. The windmill was “rescued” from a private school that was going to demolish it. I find the sound of the windmill creaking very relaxing and comforting.

The windmill gift box is available for sale in my Etsy shop FredericksburgSoap.

River Rocks Soap

These soap bars that look like river rocks or beach stones have been very popular. Carol Hicks Bolton had the idea to make soap that looked like river rocks she had displayed in a jar.

The river rocks are now sold in stores including Gin and Tarnish in Jewell, Iowa; Ellen J Goods in Medina, NY; Susan Darnell Designs in San Diego, CA; WOW Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; Brocante Beach House in Seattle, WA; TA Lorton in Tulsa, OK; Simple Things Furniture in Ft. Worth, TX; and Kerr + Jones Design in East Boothbay, Maine.

And the river rocks continue to be a best seller where they originated at Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The river rock soaps are made with natural ingredients including activated charcoal, pumice, sea salt, coconut oil, essential oil and filtered rain water. The rocks are fun to use and have a clean fresh smell.

Kerr + Jones Design

This Maine Collection was designed for Kerr/Jones Gallery Fine Art & Craft Uncommon Goods @kerrjonesgallery in East Boothbay, Maine.

The salt soap cubes are covered with activated charcoal and indigo and scented with refreshing fir needle essential oils. The Beach Stones soap is colored with activated charcoal and scented with lemongrass essential oil.

Vintage Bee Collection

Vintage Bee soap and gift boxes sold at the Dish gift shop in the Woerner Warehouse in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The Vintage Bee collection is inspired by the honeybees on my ranch. The soaps, candles and hand balm contain beeswax, dried herbs and flower petals from family gardens.

The Napoleonic Bee design on the box transports me back to a lovely weekend I spent in Vienna a few years ago. I was in heaven perusing soap shops, cafes, paper stores and ending the day listening to Mozart’s Requiem performed in Karlskirche.

Alice Everett Celestial Soap Collection

The Alice Everett collection is inspired by planets, moon and stars revolving in our sky. The namesake for the collection came to me mysteriously as I was doing yoga one day and the name Everett flashed across my consciousness. When I researched the name I discovered that Alice Everett was the first woman paid for astronomy work in 1890. She also contributed to the fields of optics and early television.

The Alice Everett Collection is located in Room 5 at Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities in Fredericksburg, Texas.

TA Lorton

Charcoal salt spa soap custom made for TA Lorton in Tulsa, OK.

All-natural salt spa soap colored with activated charcoal and scented with cedarwood, fir needle and cypress. This fresh clean blend smells like a walk in a forest. The soap is made with shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, sea salt and purified rainwater.

Rose Soaps

Vintage rose soaps at Dish at the Woerner Warehouse inside Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities.

The rose soaps are made with both cocoa butter and shea butter. They are scented with Bergamot-Mint essential oil. Cocoa Rose is colored with rose clay and cocoa powder. Rose Blanche is made with Apricot Kernel Oil and sprinkled with Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt.

The Rose Soaps were originally made for Valentine’s Day but have sold well all year so they remain in stock. The soap is packaged in a delicate white glassine bag sealed with an elegant gold wax seal. The wax seals are for sale at Dish.

Paris Travel Soap

Paris travel soaps

Paris from the Wanderlust Collection of soap at Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities

Paris soap bar is colored with rose clay and activated charcoal. Scented with an intoxicating blend of patchouli, grapefruit and lavender. Wrapper is a scan of an old map from Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities.

Paris Soap bar is available for purchase at Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities in Fredericksburg, Texas and at the Brocante Beach house in Seattle.

Vacation Rental Cottages Soap Package

Soap for a vacation house rental property

Soap package for a new vacation rental house property in Fredericksburg, Texas. The owner requested small soaps for the sinks, a larger soap for the shower and a solid dish soap for the kitchen. The owner’s daughter lives in southern France so she had soap brushes and dishes from her travels. The soap stamp was designed by the property owner. The Lemongrass-Calendula soap on the right is naturally colored with lemongrass essential oil and flecks of dried calendula flower petals. The solid dish soap on the left is scented with rosemary, mint and lemon essential oils. The dish soap is made with a recipe designed to leave dishes clean.